Soul Calling ™
Soul Calling ™
Teja Wood

Your sacred space for spiritual awakening and stepping into your true purpose.

About Soul Calling ™

Welcome to!

A social platform customised for the Soul Calling Academy members - by Teja Wood,

Soul Calling tribe is a worldwide community of like-minded seekers of higher wisdom and knowledge. What we share in common is a vision of bringing higher spiritual consciousness into the world through our gifts and how we show up in the world.

We understand what is needed in the world more than ever is higher spiritual awareness and understanding, so we do not repeat the mistakes of the past, and instead co-create a future imbued with soulfulness, creativity and abundance. 

You will find our tribe on a custom-tailored social platform, away from the typical constraints of social media platforms and dedicated specifically to our community.

As a result, we have a safe, energetically clear and higher vibrational space where you can share your gifts with others and build sacred connections with others from around the world. The purpose is to help you feel uplifted, empowered and unconditionally accepted! 

Create your free account here and become part of our Soul Calling family: